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Road Rash - PC
Release Date: Sep 27, 1996

What Road Rash Is About:
Are you ready for illegal aggression on two wheels? Extreme arcade racing has never been so rough as you’ll have to kick, beat, punch, and maul your opponents with chains, clubs, sticks, and other brutal weaponry...
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Platform: PC Games

Road Rash Is Also Available On:
Game Boy Color
Sega Genesis
Sega CD
Game Gear
Game Boy

Genre: Racing

ESRB Rating:
"Road Rash" is rated Teen, for Animated Violence

Road Rash Special Features:
• Five unique tracks
• Variety of motorcycles, obstacles, weapons, and upgrades
• 25 minutes of video
• Music by Soundgarden

• Developer: Papyrus Software
• Publisher: Electronic Arts
• Distributor: Ingram Entertainment

Other Info On Road Rash:
• Location: United States of America
• Control Elements: Keyboard, Gamepad, Mouse, Joystick